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DETRA-Africa is a Development Organization, Development Training, Development Consultancy and Development Research working in Africa in implementing cutting edge development programmes, providing training solutions, and delivering consultancy services to the international community. The organization presently concentrates most of its work in East Africa, by partnering with rural, impoverished communities in various development programmes in the are of environment and climate change, livelihood and health as well as infrastructure and enterprise. We work through a 4 pronged approach













Featured projects

Development programme implementation

In most African communities in there is a need of support to undertake key development. Our approach at Detra-Africa includes partnering with communities to implement sustainable programmes in key programmes Click here for more info…………….

Training and capacity building

One of the key reasons that there is no meaningful development in Africa is the lack of capacity by beneficiaries to implement sustainable programmes. Through our training arm, and using the community as the classroom, we deliver training programmes to development workers and young people. Click here for more info……………….

Development Consultancy

By being in the front-line in implementation of programmes, and providing training and capacity building services, Detra-Africa has from time to time been tasked by other organizations (local and international organizations) to mentor, evaluate and advice them on key issues touching on their own delivery of programmes. Click here for more info…………………

Development Research

Delivery of development, training, capacity building and consultancy programmes in Detra-Africa is informed by the indepth knowledge we generate from research. Click here for more info………………..

DETRA Africa Training Institute

Africa has a very high population of untrained young  people. Middle class training is key to achievement of MDG’s  and promoting development, leading Africa out of the poverty trap. Our Institute trains young people into professionals Click here for more info………………..