Infrastructure and Enterprise

DETRA-Africa helps communities build and maintain clean water systems and latrines. Both directly and through local organizations, we provide training and subsidizes construction, but communities make significant contributions in cash and labor, and pay the cost of operation and maintenance. The goal of these projects is to reduce the health risks of water-related diseases and to increase the earning potential of households by saving time otherwise spent gathering water. Projects also include educating people about good hygiene habits to reduce the risk of illnesses. A number of times the projects we support are of enterprise nature, and can go on even after closure of the donor funding period.

With support from the Humanist Movement, ICELAND, a donation of 10 computers was channeled to DETRA-Africa to help establish a Community and volunteer resource centre at DETRA-Africa offices in Nairobi

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Featured Projects


Water Infrastructure Development
Sinking a clean water way by a group of community members under guidance from DETRA Africa officials.


Building Latrines
DETRA Africa gives dignity to people who live in areas with no latrines. We do this by constructing quality pit latrines that brings to an end the infamous 'flying toilets'.


Harvesting of Honey
DETRA Africa teaches entreprising members of the community to be entreprising.We teach bee keeping and honey harvesting which will proceed to be sold.